What to Do When Bitten by a Bat

Bats may be beneficial in numerous ways, but they also carry risks such as the health hazards related with their guanos. The bite of bats can also cause infections and transmit diseases. While attacks of bats on humans are rare occurrence, there is a probability that they may be infected with rabies. It may also be difficult to determine the bite of the Orlando bat due to the small and insignificant mark that the bats will leave behind.

Things to Do If You’ve Been Bitten by Bats
Before we discuss the things that you should do, understand that this situation can be prevented. For instance, if you are involved in rescuing or interacting with bats, be sure that you will wear the right protective gears. If you don’t have the necessary experience, call the professionals and allow them to do their job. In case you can’t avoid their bite, here are some of the things that you will have to do.

Determine If It Is a Bat Bite
While the bats are armed with sharp fangs, their bites will not look like fang marks. Their sharp teeth can easily pierce through our skin. Their bite will feel like a needle’s prick. It can be quite difficult to distinguish their bite since the mark tends to disappear quickly. The large bats will obviously cause larger wounds. Vampire bats for instance can create an incision on your skin and drink your blood. Nonetheless, the common victim would be livestock. You should allow the doctor to make the complete diagnosis to be certain about the bite of the bat.

Reacting Properly
In case you have been bitten by a bat, wash the affected site with soap and running water. You should apply some pressure on the wound but do not induce bleeding. Bleeding can occur if the skin has been torn by their fangs. After putting antibiotics on the wound and dressing it appropriately, you need to consult your physician. Situation can be alarming if a rabid Orlando bat bit you. You will need to be administered with prophylaxis. You are encouraged to seek proper medical attention especially if you are not sure whether the bat is infected with the rabies virus.

What Should You Do with the Bat?
The bat that attacked you will need to be captured. It will then be sent in the laboratory in order to go through a series of examination to determine if it is rabid. Be sure that you are protected when handling the bat since their scratch may also transmit the disease. You may reach the hotline of your local health department for assistance.

A bat can be rabid whether they appear docile or aggressive. In case a bat invaded your bedroom while you are resting or sleeping, and you are not 100% sure if you have been bitten by the Florida bat, you should still go under a series of tests. Remember that rabies can be fatal especially if the symptoms have already manifested.

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