Will Rats Attack You While You Sleep?

Rats are considered communal animals; they prefer to live near humans since this can also mean that they will be close to leftovers and food scraps. You can find them inside your house especially on the less-frequented areas. You won’t usually encounter rats since they prefer to move at night. They will hunt for foods while you are sleeping. Some people who fear Orlando rats may find it difficult to sleep thinking that the rats may attack them.

Bite of the Florida Rats Are Rare
The incidence of rat bites is rare. However, the accurate number is indefinable since not a lot of people will report it. Most of the victim are kids and this will usually happen while the victim is asleep. Bats will be biting parts of the victim that are exposed such as our hands, fingers, and feet. Rat bites will not lead to severe injury. However, there are still possibilities that you can acquire infection. In addition, there is also a possibility that you are bitten by a rabid rat.

How Do You Know If You’ve Been Bitten by a Rat?
Healthy Orlando rats prefer to avoid people. They will only bite when they feel threatened. Their saliva can contain bacteria and viruses that can transmit illnesses. Once you have been bitten, you will have to disinfect the wound to avoid infection. The doctor may also advice tetanus and rabies vaccine. However, identifying the bite of the rats if you have been bitten while you sleep will not be an easy feat. Therefore, you should look for some signs that will help you figure out that the culprit of the wound is the rat.

The primary signs of the rat bite would be swelling, pain, and redness. This sign will be more pronounced on the affected area. Once an infection develops, you will notice the formation of pus on the wound. If the bacterial infection is related with rat-bite fever, you may experience fever, rashes, headache, joint and muscle pain, and vomiting.

Treating Rat Bite
If you’ve been bitten by rat, allow the wound to bleed. You should only control it if the bleeding is excessive. Bleeding will flush bacteria and other harmful matters that can increase the development of infection. After this, clean the wound using a soap and rinse it with warm water. This will prevent irritation. Cover your wound with a dry and clean gauze. You may apply antibiotic on the wound before covering it.

After this, it is always recommended to ask your doctor to examine the rat bite. If the bite is so severe, you may need stitches. The doctor may also require immunization to rule out the development of some sickness. You should be alarmed if the wound is on your face since it can lead to scarring that can affect your physical feature. If the bite is in your hand, this can affect the function of your finger. Therefore, wounds related to the attack of the rat need to be evaluated by the health professionals.

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