An Overview on the Cost of Squirrel Removal

While squirrels may not give you the same scare factor as rats and mice, they can also cause the same problems. They chew on our piping and wiring system. They destroy our insulation and contaminate it with their urines and feces. They carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Once you notice the signs of their presence, you must call the professionals to conduct the removal process.

How Much Does Squirrel Removal Cost?
Squirrel removal should not be executed by someone who lacks experience and knowledge. This is not simply removing the squirrel but also preventing future infestation and eliminating the health hazards related with the Orlando squirrel. However, most people are worried about the cost. Therefore, most of them will opt for a DIY squirrel removal.

The Average Cost
There are some homeowners who will try to get rid of their problems using the commercially available repellents. The cost of the repellent is around $5-$25 but it will not deliver the result that you want. Even high-frequency device and strobe lights that cost at $10-$ 1,000 will not be successful in driving the squirrels away. In the end, you will still need to hire the experts to deal with the problem.

Inspection- Cost of hiring the professional will vary. Usually, they will start by inspecting your house. Some companies will provide their home inspection service free from any type of charges. This is necessary to understand different factors related to the infestation such as the cause of the problem, the access hole, population of the Florida squirrel, damages, and the complexity of the situation. They will then provide you a rough estimate of the removal cost. For the companies that will charge you for their home inspection, the cost will start at $50 and can increase to $300.

Removal of the Squirrel- The actual cost will depend upon the population of the squirrel and how complex the infestation is. For instance, if there are baby Orlando squirrels, you will be charged per group. In case there are dead bodies, the number of the dead bodies that will need to be disposed can also add to the overall cost. Your expenses can increase up to $1,000. However, in most cases the cost will be about $500, or it can be less.

Number of Visits- During a large-scale infestation, the wildlife removal company will need to do multiple visits before they can end the infestation. Each visit will cost $45-$90. Be sure to ask the company on how they charge their customers before you sign the contract.

Other Fees-if you are booking for their service outside of their business hours, expect that their charges will be different. For example, the company might charge you $130 for the house inspection during business hours and can increase the price to $250 on after-business period.

Finally, the squirrel removal expert can also provide additional service such as the decontamination of the property, repairing the damages, and preventive measures. These are all necessary to ensure that all threats related with the squirrels have been eliminated.

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